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Geospatial UK

At Geospatial UK, our aim is to broaden awareness and understanding of Geospatial skills and technologies and its applications, supported by eight industrial partners. 

In particular we aim to support students to the practical skills and technical knowledge to use GIS, surveying and mapping in their schoolwork and everyday lives. 

Geospatial describes the use of location data or geospatial data to measure, map or model features and processes on the Earth’s surface including homes and buildings, renewable energy sources such as wind turbines, or even volcanoes and glaciers!


This allows the generation of intelligent maps which can be used to make informed choices to manage our Earth, cities, and our environment. 

Geospatial methods and tools can be used for all sorts of things! One use is for mapping the Earth and how it changes. For example, did you know that each day the height of the land can change by 8cm's!

Location data already has a significant impact on our lives. It tells us where our nearest coffee shop is, allows us to assess the weather before making plans, check for travel disruptions, track deliveries and even shows us how well and where you or your friends are exercising

There is an increased demand for people with geospatial skills given the growth of the sector globally, such as construction, intelligent city management, sustainability, climate change impact on our environment, and the development of renewable energy. 

What we do

We created this website to help students find out more about the sector, including what skills they could learn and what jobs they could get! Click on each of the categories below to find out more.


Use any of our free resources or activities to improve your geospatial skills


Discover a huge range of exciting geospatial careers and the various routes to get there


Explore the main pathways into the industry to help you figure out what's right for you. 


founder organisations make up Geospatial UK


contributed to the UK economy by geospatial data


of all data has a location or geospatial element


the UK is ranked 2nd in the world for 'geospatial readiness'

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Are you a KS4 or KS5 student who enjoys geography, maps, being outdoors or thinking about  using technology to understand data?

Do you want to support and influence decisions on the management and future of our environment, urban areas and climate policies?

Use our free resources and activities to help you obtain and enhance your geospatial and data skills. Explore our Careers page to see the range of jobs available within the geospatial sector, and discover what Pathways are available to help you join the geospatial sector. 


Do you teach KS4 and KS5 students and want to highlight the importance of location and maps to  

influence decisions and understand earth processes?

Find out more about how you can use GIS in your geography curriculum, what free resources are available and further support options. 

Geography Teacher

GIS is the nervous system for the planet.

Jack Dangermond

Co-Founder of Esri

Jack Dangermond
White Earth

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