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This section contains help and guidance for anyone considering a career in a geospatial-related field.

Discover a wide range of jobs in geospatial, browse academic or vocational pathways, and hear from current students and industry professionals.

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Geospatial jobs

As the use of GIS and other geospatial technologies expands, it offers opportunities for people with different work experiences and educational backgrounds.


According to the Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA), because geospatial technology use is so widespread, the geospatial market is growing by 35% annually, contributing £11 billion to the UK economy each year.

GIS is a green technology that is making a difference on our planet and to its people every day for key decisions about wildlife habitat, human health, renewable energy, climate change, water quality and availability, wilderness areas, and much more.

Learning how to use GIS gives you transferrable skills which you can apply to a wide variety of jobs within the geospatial sector or any jobs which use location data, such as retail or marketing. 

Have a look at the wide range of careers that GIS could help you achieve and choose your favourite or take the quiz to see what jobs are right for you!  


Computer with Graph
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GIS Analyst

Creates and analyses geospatial datasets, prepares maps, maintains databases and prepares reports, performs research such as for environmental and transport consultancy 

£27,000 - £60,000

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UAV Surveyor

Pilots a UAV or drone to capture aerial imagery and Lidar data to complete a survey of the area or project and processes the geospatial data to provide a map or 3D model

£25,000 - £45,000

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Land Surveyor

Measures, surveys, monitors and maps the shape of the land very accurately for instance for construction projects. 

£20,000 - £70,000

Under the Sea
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Hydrographic Surveyor 

Surveys, monitors and maps underwater (sea) surfaces showing the depth, shape and contours. 

£17,000 - £60,000

Crime Scene Tape
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Forensic Surveyor

Maps crime scenes, industrial accidents and car collisions. Collect and analyse the data used as evidence during court cases.

£35,000 - £45,000

Analyzing Graphs
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Data Scientist

Analyses and processes digital data into meaningful information that organisations can use to improve their businesses, such as maps

£25,000 - £100,000

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Building Surveyor

Measures and maps the inside and outside buildings, then advises clients about the design, construction, maintenance and repair of buildings

£19,000 - £70,000

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Civil Engineer

Plan, design and manage large construction projects, including bridges, buildings, transport links and other major structures

£20,000 - £80,000

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BIM Technician

Uses Building Information Modelling  (BIM) computer programmes to accurately create 3D models a project in multiple dimensions to support construction projects

£20,000 - £50,000

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Utilities Surveyor

Traces underground utilities using GPR and electromagnetic techniques to discover any potential hazards to developments, such as electricity, fibre optics, gas and water mains. 

£25,000 - £50,000

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CAD Operative

Computer-aided design (CAD) operators use computer software to produce 2D and 3D drawings for construction and manufacturing projects

£17,000 - £50,000

Airplane Above the Clouds
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Aerial Surveyor

Captures and processes aerial imagery or Lidar data with a small airplane, then processes these for 2D and 3D maps which helps to make decisions about flood risk, rescue and emergencies as well as land change

£23,000 - £52,000

Electrical Inspectors
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Building Control Surveyor 

Ensures that building regulations are followed on new build sites and survey damaged or unstable structures to determine whether they can be repaired safely or need to be demolished

£22,000 - £60,000