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Global Surveyors' Day 23rd March 2021

Today, we celebrate Global Surveyors’ Day to commemorate the ground-breaking efforts of all surveyors in the industry and to commend the pioneers who helped shape the surveying industry to what it is today.

Surveyors measure everything on the land, the sky and on the ocean bed by making use of specialised surveying equipment. Surveyors play an integral role in land development, construction of bridges, tunnels and roads, and shaping the cities we live in. Surveying is one of the oldest professions dating back nearly 3,000 years ago where Egyptian surveyors subdivided the land surrounding the Nile River.

Land Surveys in Australia have created a short video to highlight the projects they are working on and to thank their talented surveyors for the amazing work they do every day, whether it be in the field, on a high-rise, or in remote locations!

How will you celebrate Global Surveyors' Day?



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