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Summer Placement Experience at Hollis

Claudia and Aled from Hollis
Claudia and Aled

Since 2016, Hollis has taken on 7 summer placements. Placements run for approximately 12 weeks during the summer break of 2nd and 3rd year. Aled Wrigley and Claudia Drummond Milne, two recent placement students give an insight into summer placements at Hollis.

Why did you want to a summer placement?

Aled – To expand and build on the skillset developed over the course of stage one and stage two whilst adding to these with practical experience of a surveying workplace that will prove valuable to developing my CV further.

Claudia – I wanted to apply the knowledge that I have accumulated over the past 2 years of my university course within a well-established and successful company. Allowing me to gain further experience by applying my skills in a professional working environment.

What type of skills did you learn during your time at Hollis?

Aled – Primarily skills based around the frequent use of laser scanners in building surveying, as well as how to develop a deliverable product from this data using CAD techniques, both of which were unknowns to me before starting the placement.

Claudia – My knowledge of the measured surveying process has developed greatly for commercial properties. From creating a quote to setting up a job. To then collecting raw data using a disto or laser scanner. Analysing a point cloud on jet stream viewer, to finally tracing that point cloud using AutoCAD to create final drawings of the building inside and out.

How has it benefitted you on the course?

Aled – It has given me insight on how all the different aspects of our course combine to work together in a professional environment, from this, I have a new understanding of these aspects and how they are brought together.

Claudia – An insight into the surveying world has expanded my repertoire of expertise in areas where I previously found difficult to understand. This has grown my confidence in my capabilities and narrowed down my idea of what I want to focus on for my research project in my final year.

Why did you choose Hollis?

Aled – Hollis has more of an emphasis on building and property surveying through the use of laser scanners and drone surveys primarily. This stands apart from most of the survey work done throughout the course, as this tends to more of an emphasis on terrestrial land surveying, only touching upon building surveying in several modules, so Hollis was important in teaching me about a side of surveying that I hadn’t seen yet.

Claudia – Hollis has a very friendly ethos making all members of the Hollis team very approachable. The company offer a large range of services in the property industry which offers a great insight into how all their services interlink and offers you the ability to see how many different services operate individually.

What is it like to work at Hollis?

Aled – The people you meet whilst working there are great to know and were all very friendly. Whether you’re working with surveyors or CAD designers, it is a very welcoming environment, great for people new to this kind of workplace.

Claudia – Hollis is a very reputable, successful and approachable company. The training is next to non and the help available is constant and to a great standard. The company also let you have free rein on what you want to achieve and spend your time doing during your time at Hollis, still giving you a steer and guidance you need to achieve your targets.

What work did you do?

Aled – I played a role in both the surveying and CAD aspects of building surveying, helping out with more experienced surveyors in setting up laser scanners and on-site point cloud registration, even being given the opportunity to survey a site completely independently. Alongside this was taking point cloud data and producing detailed floor plans from them.

Claudia – A large range of work was available to complete. A large proportion of my work was AutoCAD work. From drawing floor plans, elevations and sections of buildings to adding electrical fitting information on those plans. Site work is also are large proportion of the work; getting experience using a disto or laser scanner out on site.

If you are interested in applying for a summer placement at Hollis, visit graduates/measurement-surveyors/ or send your CV to Tom Pugh:



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