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Why I choose Newcastle University for Geospatial Surveying and Mapping

Haziq Zainal, Geospatial Surveying, Mapping and Geographic Information Science student, shares his reasons for choosing to study at Newcastle University.

Hello future geospatial engineers. Let me introduce a bit about myself. I am an international student studying Geospatial Engineering at Newcastle University, under a local scholarship. There are five key factors as to why I chose this university to study my course.

1. Ranking

When I was searching for this course in UCAS, there were only two universities that offered it. At the time, Newcastle had a higher QS world university ranking. Hence, my choice was Newcastle!

2. Legacy

Pre-university, I had a mandatory internship back in my home country as part of the scholarship scheme. I was working in the Geomatics department (which is essentially the same field with geospatial). A lot of my colleagues were graduates from Newcastle University who were studying the same course as I am. I selected Newcastle to pursue my career and continue the Newcastle legacy as it has rich history of geospatial graduates.

3. Newcastle

The location of Newcastle is the ideal place for students as the main campus is integrated into the city. The city centre is filled with numerous places to eat including oriental or middle eastern food and has an exceptional nightlife. Not to mention, the St James Park Stadium is extra lively during match day! Personally, I find that walking through the city is therapeutic, especially the beautiful Quayside area. In my free time, I often meet with my friends for pool and gym sessions.

4. Course Content

I personally like the learning style offered by this course. It gives us the opportunity to apply the theory learned in every practical. For example, in my GIS module we learned a concept called Multi Criteria Evaluation and had a practical about it. Not to mention, undertaking numerous outdoor practicals such as levelling, traversing and detailing. Furthermore, the practicals are executed using sophisticated surveying equipment. Another great thing is the fieldtrips. During my first year, I had a fieldtrip to Grinton in Yorkshire Dales. By completing a series of outdoor teambuilding challenges in the fieldtrip. It gave me the opportunity to get to know my cohort and members of the staff. In the final year, there will be an advanced 8-day surveying fieldtrip in Kielder. It will test your knowledge based on past teachings from the first and second year.

5. Industry

Each year, the university will host a Geospatial Engineering Newcastle Industrial Engagement (GENIE). This provides us the opportunity to meet companies in the industry. This is where students potentially find summer placements and job opportunities. I have met loads of alumni being hired by these companies!

These are the deciding factors as to why I chose Newcastle to pursue this degree. I hope this blog gives a brief insight of choosing Geospatial Engineering in Newcastle University. Good luck and see you soon!

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